Know Your Rights as a Tenant in California

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Important Benefits Of Bankruptcy Protection

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When a person is trapped under debt, bankruptcy can be the only option for escaping these debts. Yet, individuals may not be entirely sure as to the exact ways that bankruptcy protection can help them with righting their finances. Protection Against Collection Actions Being in deep debt can be extremely stressful due to the actions that creditors can take to collect on their debts. For example, individuals can find their possessions being repossessed, lawsuits filed against them, wages garnished, and other serious repercussions. Read More»

Economic Hardship In Child Custody And Support Cases

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Raising kids is a costly enterprise, and throwing in questions about economic hardship, child custody, and support can complicate things further. There are a few things you should understand as you try to sort your situation out. Economic Trouble Doesn’t Automatically Equal No Custody People often worry about how the court will deal with child custody given their economic circumstances. First, it’s important to understand that the courts treat custody and support as two distinct issues. Read More»