Know Your Rights as a Tenant in California

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4 Instances When Your Company Might Need Corporate Law Services

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No one ever expects to need legal services, but sometimes they are unavoidable. If your business is incorporated, you will likely need the help of a corporate law attorney at some point. This includes when you want to start a new business, merge with or acquire another company, dissolve your business, or if you have questions about your corporate bylaws. Corporate law is a branch of law that deals with the formation and operation of corporations. Read More»

Why A Car Defect Claim Is Different From A Car Accident Claim

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Because of how dangerous cars are and how many serious injuries are the result of bad driving, it’s essential to make sure that you hold an auto manufacturer responsible if they are negligent when designing a car and it leads to a serious auto accident. There are many ways that a car defect claim is different from a car accident claim. Car Accident Claims Vs Defect Claims In a normal car accident, you will need to file a claim against the insurance provider of the negligent driver to receive compensation. Read More»

What Goes Into Child Visitation Decisions?

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When the parents of minor children separate, it’s time to begin thinking about custody and visitation plans. In some cases, the parents opt for shared custody which means they evenly share time with the children. In that case, a visitation plan is not necessary. However, it’s very common for one party to have full physical custody of a child with the other parent being awarded visitation. For some help in creating a good visitation schedule, read below. Read More»

3 Crucial Details Vehicle Accident Attorneys Pick From Police Reports To Prove Liability After A Collision

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One of the first things collision victims should do after a crash is to call 911 to alert the police about the incident. If someone hits you and you’re planning to file a lawsuit against them, law enforcement agencies should investigate your crash and file a report. This report usually details several things about the event, and it can give your attorney several pieces of evidence to prove your claim. This article details three crucial things vehicle accident lawyers pick from police reports to prove liability. Read More»

Watch Out For These Chapter 7 Stumbling Blocks

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Bankruptcy laws are in place to prevent filers from taking advantage of the ease with which debts can be eliminated. The last big overhaul of the laws took place in 2005 but there are many more (big) changes to come in 2022 if the proposed bill is passed. Unfortunately, these tune-ups tend to create issues for all filers and not just the wealthy who need to shed some debt easily. Before you file, consider the following issues that might affect you. Read More»

Workers' Compensation Legal Help: Solution Providers

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When it works, workers’ compensation insurance is a winner. This form of insurance pays hurt workers several benefits including medical treatment costs, a partial disability payment, and a lump-sum payment for those found to be permanently disabled. However, sometimes those needing those benefits run into problems and need solutions. Read on to learn more about some of those solutions. You Were Denied Benefits After Filing a Claim Workers’ comp carriers can deny claims based on the flimsiest of reasons. Read More»

Why A Missing Spouse Makes A Divorce More Difficult

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A divorce can be challenging enough when your spouse does not want to cooperate with the divorce, but what if your spouse is missing? Sometimes, a spouse decides to walk away and never come back. In other cases, something tragic might have happened. However, if your spouse cannot be located, this doesn’t mean that you cannot file for divorce, but it might be more difficult. Your Partner Must Actually Be Missing Read More»