Know Your Rights as a Tenant in California

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You Need To Know About These Fall Injuries

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Personal injury cases happen daily. People are injured because of the negligence of others all the time, and it can be difficult to cope after the fact. Knowing the details of the different types of injuries can improve your case’s strength. Unfortunately, personal injury cases occur far too quickly, and fall-related accidents are a major part of the problem. These are the major types of slip and fall injuries you must be aware of before your legal case. Read More»

Protecting Yourself Against Gender Bias In Child Custody Cases

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The first thing a father must accept is that the legal system is biased in favor of women when it comes to child custody cases. In the family court setting, seven out of ten people who work within it are women. This includes court clerks, judges, hearing officers, and bailiffs. And while the previously mentioned demographic isn’t true in all areas of the United States, it’s true enough to be accepted as common knowledge by those who practice law in child custody cases. Read More»

3 Things A Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

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If you have been injured and think that you have a case, you can visit a personal injury attorney to see your options. However, you may not understand everything that a personal injury attorney can do about your case. Here is what you need to know.  Evaluate and Investigate The first thing that the attorney is going to do is to investigate and evaluate your case. They will do this by talking to you, looking at any information and documentation that you bring with you, and checking out a few other things involved in your case. Read More»

Just Because You Were Rear-Ended Does Not Mean You Are Not At Fault

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One of the more common types of collisions is those that involve rear-end crashes. Naturally, given the dynamic of this type of accident, it would seem that the person who slams into the car in front of them is at fault. However, while this scenario is common, it is not a fact 100% of the time. Sometimes, the victim is also the negligent party. If you have been hit by another driver, learn about some factors that could leave you liable. Read More»