Know Your Rights as a Tenant in California

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4 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score After Filing For Bankruptcy

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Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult you will ever make. With so many conflicting reports about whether it is the best move for your financial future or not, it is hard to know if you are truly doing the right thing. While many people fear their credit is going to be ruined forever, that simply isn’t the case. Rebuilding your credit is far simpler than you think. Read More»

STDs And The Law: Can You Sue Your Partner If You Get An STD?

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In many states, an HIV positive person who has unprotected sex with someone without disclosing their disease can be prosecuted criminally in a court of law. This is especially true if the court finds that the transmission of the disease was intentional. But what about other sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, crabs and syphilis? Can you sue for those as well? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. However, most STD cases are not criminal proceedings. Read More»

What Happens When Someone Dies Without A Will

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Having a will is the best way to leave a legal document in place when you pass away that lets the government know exactly how you want your estate divided. In the event that someone passes without a will, there is a possibility that a loved one may not get the portion of the estate that the deceased wanted them to have. Here is a list of things you need to know if someone passes away without a will. Read More»

Different Options For Getting Caught Up On Your Child Support Payments

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When you are falling behind on your child support payments, you need to create a plan to solve your problem. Luckily, you have several options for resolving this issue, it will just take some time and planning to so do. Organizing Finances Your first option is to seek help with organizing and making your payments. You can consult an accountant to get their help organizing your finances. The accountant can also find areas where you need some assistance such as reorganizing when you pay your bills. Read More»