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How A Lawyer Can Help Make The Process Of Starting A Non-Profit Easy

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You can start your new non-profit organization on your own, but the process would be a lot easier if you were to work with a lawyer throughout the process. Here are just a few ways a lawyer can benefit you while starting your new non-profit.

They'll Help You Do Your Research

Doing research is one of the most important things you should do before starting your non-profit organization, and the job is a big one that can be both overwhelming and frustrating before all is said and done. You have to determine whether a need for your new non-profit service is actually needed and wanted in your community. You'll have to devise a plan to finance your organization and to fund it in the coming years, which means you will have to research the overall costs of running your organization.

And you will have to determine how much of an impact your organization will have on your community as a whole before opening your doors for business. An experienced non-profit lawyer can help you handle all of these aspects of research and recommend and walk you through other areas of your organization that should be thoroughly researched to ensure optimal success as time goes on.

They'll Help You Get Incorporated

After you've researched and planned the opening of your non-profit organization, you will need to get your organization incorporated through the state. In addition to registering a name for your non-profit organization that no other organization is already using, you'll have to file articles of incorporation to certify all of the claims you make about your organization.

In addition to helping you complete all of these tasks, or doing them for your altogether, you can count on your non-profit lawyer to help you adopt your bylaws, a conflict of interest policy, and even compensation policies.

They'll Help Ensure Proper Compliance and Reporting

After your non-profit organization has officially opened its doors, you'll have to face ongoing compliance and reporting requirements such as registering for permits before you start a new fundraising campaign or engaging in any lobbying efforts. And you will have to apply for licenses and permits when you want to offer new goods or services to people in your community.

Where you'll locate any offices affiliated with your organization, the types of employees you hire, and reporting your tax withholdings are other things that will likely be on your mind regularly as you run your non-profit organization. Luckily, your lawyer can take care of any compliance and reporting requirements you will be responsible for as your non-profit organization thrives and grows.

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