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A Common Car Wreck Back Injury

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When it comes to pain in the back, most sufferers know that the misery can spread throughout the entire body. The nerves that interweave through your spine area are responsible for movement and feeling in your arms, legs and more. One common back problem, often caused by an injury such as a car wreck, is a herniated disk. Whether you were hit by a careless driver or you slipped down at a business, this injury can cause almost endless pain and you are entitled to compensation for it. Read on to learn more about this injury and getting paid for it.

Understanding Herniated Disks

Your back is made up a series of vertical disks that separate each vertebra in your spine. These disks, if healthy, work to cushion the spine from injury. You can consider them little shock absorbers, working to keep your back healthy. When these disks get injured, such as with a car accident, they can move about. This is known as a slipped disk. If the injury is more severe, the disks can actually rupture, which is known as a ruptured or herniated disk.

Treatment for Herniated Disks

The level of treatment for this problem depends on on how much pain it causes, and that can vary widely. You might notice everything from numbness and tingling to disabling and severe pain with the least movement. Standing and walking can become a challenge, and it will undoubtedly affect your enjoyment of life, your ability to work at your job and your entire family.

In some cases, a few days of rest can help resolve the inflammation, and you can get back to normal. Steroid injections may come next, and pain relievers can follow that. Massage, ice, stretching, heat, electrical stimulation, and more prove there's no shortage of non-surgical methods to deal with back pain. If none of that seems to do the trick, surgery may be called for. Spinal fusions and disk replacements are major operations and can leave you out of work for months.

Take Action and Get Compensated

Even a minor car wreck could injure your back and send you down the road to disk issues. If you are injured because of a driver or someone's negligence, you must avoid blaming your bad luck and take action against the wrongdoer. You are entitled to medical expenses, lost wages and so much more. Speak to personal injury attorney right away.

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