Know Your Rights as a Tenant in California

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A Common Car Wreck Back Injury

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When it comes to pain in the back, most sufferers know that the misery can spread throughout the entire body. The nerves that interweave through your spine area are responsible for movement and feeling in your arms, legs and more. One common back problem, often caused by an injury such as a car wreck, is a herniated disk. Whether you were hit by a careless driver or you slipped down at a business, this injury can cause almost endless pain and you are entitled to compensation for it. Read More»

Four Important Things To Be Aware Of When Dealing With Your Truck Accident Case

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If you’re involved with a truck accident case, you may have a lot on the line. Such cases involve attempting to be compensated for not only damages to a vehicle or property, but also medical bills if the accident involved physical injury. It’s important to be aware of the following four things going into your truck accident case for the best possible chances of winning: Truck accident cases can be significantly different from standard car accident cases. Read More»

Difficulty Of Collecting Judgment From A Criminal Act

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If you are injured during a criminal act, you have the legal right to sue the perpetrator for personal injury damages. This civil lawsuit will run parallel and independent of the criminal charges against the suspect.  However, expect to face a few challenges with the lawsuit and recovery, challenges such as these four: Insurance Coverage Exclude Criminal Acts Most forms of insurance coverage don’t apply to criminal acts. In fact, even coverage that you would normally expect to cater for such risks specifically excludes criminal acts. Read More»

Determining The Extent Of Your Injuries: Focusing On Your Treatment Is Essential

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As the victim in a personal injury lawsuit, your biggest job is to document your injuries and work to recover from those injuries. When you work closely with your treatment team, you are showing that you are truly injured and that you are trying hard to recover. Personal injury lawsuit compensation takes into consideration how long you are out of work, the severity of your injuries, and your potential financial losses because you are out of work. Read More»

Don't Count Out Any Injury Compensation Opportunities

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Being injured on the job can deliver a lot of challenges to your door. Workers compensation (also known as workmans compensation or workers comp) exists to cover medical bills related to the injury and a percentage of your pay as you recover. Unfortunately, not all workers compensation situations are the same, and there are a few benefits you may be leaving on the table or at least delaying without the right information. Read More»

Court Reporting: Example Of An Irreplaceable Profession

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There are certain jobs that will just not go away. Despite advances in automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other hi-tech innovations, some people never have to worry about being out of work. One perfect example of an irreplaceable job is court reporting. Now, not everyone would agree with that declaration. Plenty of folks think tape recording devices can do the job just as well. Just set the recorder, then hand copy all the information later. Read More»