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Determining The Extent Of Your Injuries: Focusing On Your Treatment Is Essential

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As the victim in a personal injury lawsuit, your biggest job is to document your injuries and work to recover from those injuries. When you work closely with your treatment team, you are showing that you are truly injured and that you are trying hard to recover. Personal injury lawsuit compensation takes into consideration how long you are out of work, the severity of your injuries, and your potential financial losses because you are out of work. When you are hurt, focusing on your treatment gives your providers a close look at the true nature of your injuries so they are better able to evaluate your potential for a full recovery.

Establishing a Baseline After the Injury

When you are hurt, your first step is to establish a baseline to indicate how you are doing health wise after sustaining the injury. While you may have gone to the emergency room to check for serious problems, you'll also want to check in with your primary care physician as soon as possible. Your primary care doctor will be responsible for assessing your overall health and will make recommendations for any specialists that you may need in order to recover. Your primary care physician will receive all treatment records from specialists, and it's important to keep a close relationship with your primary doctor throughout your recovery.

Follow Through With All Specialist Referrals

You need to go to every specialist that you have been referred to. Their job is to assess your health and to make recommendations in order for you to heal from your injuries. If you ignore the referrals, it may appear as if you aren't as injured as you claim to be. If you attend all appointments, your specialists will be able to provide the court with a clear picture as to the extent of your injuries and your potential for recovery.

Cooperate with Treatment

If you are supposed to go to physical therapy three times a week, you need to be there at your appointments trying to get better. Your rehabilitation process will be carefully scrutinized if your personal injury case goes to trial, and you want to be 100% cooperative with all rehabilitative treatment. While you may not feel something is working, it is up to your providers to release you from treatment if it is not effective.

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