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3 Crucial Details Vehicle Accident Attorneys Pick From Police Reports To Prove Liability After A Collision

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One of the first things collision victims should do after a crash is to call 911 to alert the police about the incident. If someone hits you and you're planning to file a lawsuit against them, law enforcement agencies should investigate your crash and file a report. This report usually details several things about the event, and it can give your attorney several pieces of evidence to prove your claim. This article details three crucial things vehicle accident lawyers pick from police reports to prove liability.

Third-Party Narrative

Most often, police officers respond quickly to a crash scene to ensure the victims are safe and to restore traffic. However, they also craft a report that gives a third-party objective narrative of the events that took place. For example, they may determine the factors that could have led to the incident, such as speeding, harsh weather conditions, visibility problems, or even driver impairment. Attorneys can use this narrative to show how the responsible driver could have acted recklessly before the crash occurred. If this proof is accepted, you can be sure that you'll be awarded some amount to cater to your healthcare expenses and lifestyle.

Witness Testimonies

You may sustain minor or severe injuries in an accident. Your condition can greatly influence whether you can collect evidence from other motorists or pedestrians. Thankfully, some observers usually call 911 when they notice a collision. They can offer law enforcement agencies vital information that you may not be able to obtain yourself, such as the vehicle's registration number or its color. Attorneys use this information to investigate the liable individuals further to obtain evidence that can be used to hold them accountable and get you the reimbursement you deserve.


Knowing the responsible party's past traffic violations can help an attorney create a solid case against them. Police records usually include citations for all the driver's misconduct. The individual who collided with you could have been convicted for speeding, texting, calling while driving, going through a red light, or following another car too closely. If the liable driver obtains a ticket, your attorney may even have more evidence to use against them and get you the best reward. 

Police records are crucial proof that you shouldn't ignore if you want to receive a better award. Luckily, car accident attorneys are skilled in picking the right details to formulate a strong case that will get you all your entitlements. Contact vehicle accident attorneys today for more information.