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What Do Probate Attorneys Do?

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Probate is a legal process that helps to validate your will if you have one. In case of your death, the process gives your estate executor the legal right to distribute your property to its rightful heirs according to the wishes in your will. But, your estate will still go through probate even without a will. However, the probate process can be tedious, costly, and time-consuming. Thus, you need a probate attorney to help you with the process. Read on to learn what they can do for you. 

Identify and Secure Estate Assets

You may mention all the assets you own in your will and how your estate executor should distribute them. However, the location of the assets may be unknown. A probate attorney can help you identify and secure all estate assets in preparation for distribution to your heirs. Also, probate attorneys understand the legal processes to follow to safeguard your assets. If there are any disputes on your assets, the attorneys can help resolve them legally.

Get Appraisals for the Decedent's Properties

After identifying the decedent's assets, a probate attorney can help you determine their value. Hence, a probate attorney can help you get a valid appraisal from reputable property appraisers. Understanding a property's value is essential in making financial decisions when splitting the assets to the deceased's heirs. Also, appraisals help heirs know how much the assets they inherit are worth, which can be helpful if they want to sell the assets in the future.

Prepare and File Required Documents

During court proceedings, some documents need to be filed, including tax reports. Remember that filling in the wrong information can cause delays, and the will execution process may halt. Fortunately, probate attorney services can help you to file all the required documents accurately.

Generally, probate attorneys have the expertise, tools, and experience to understand the document requirements and fill in the necessary information. Additionally, the attorneys submit the paperwork on time and follow up on document processing by the court. This helps speed up the probate case.

Resolve Tax Problems

Your assets may have accrued tax interests over time, preventing your heirs from inheriting the assets. A probate attorney understands tax laws and can help solve tax problems. For instance, your probate attorney can investigate the amount of the accrued assets and make legal arrangements for clearing the taxes. This facilitates the successful transfer of the assets to the heirs while ensuring that your heirs are free of tax problems.

Consider hiring a probate attorney to enjoy these listed services.