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Make Your Divorce Mediation More Successful With Proper Listening Skills

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Divorce mediation is one way that you and your partner can resolve your disagreements in an amicable way that is less expensive and time-consuming than going to court. However, if you want your divorce mediation to go well, you must make sure that you listen carefully during your mediation and that you have your divorce lawyer with you every step of the way.

Enter Mediation Knowing What You Want

When you know what you will want out of our divorce ahead of time and discuss this with your divorce lawyer, they will be able to guide the discussion in a direction that will be mutually beneficial to both you and your spouse. For example, you will want to make it clear whether you want:

  • To remain in your house
  • Custody of your children
  • To keep specific assets
  • Spousal support

Make sure your attorney knows what is most important to you and what can be used in negotiations.

Rehearse with Your Divorce Lawyer

Before the mediation, you should consider rehearsing. Then, your attorney can give you advice that you may not have considered. For example, you will want to avoid saying "you" because this can come across as accusatory. 

Your body language can be important during mediation. For example, if you cross your arms, this can make you look less open. If you rehearse with your divorce lawyer, they can give you advice on how to present yourself in a way that will help you during mediation.

Understand the Position of Your Spouse

Make sure that you are able to understand and summarize everything that your spouse says. This will help your spouse know that you are listening to them. This also sends a message that you are trying to honestly negotiate with your spouse. Your divorce lawyer will also help you understand how the position of your partner will affect your divorce.

Allow the Mediator to Do Their Job

Fortunately, a professional mediator will guide much of the discussion and you will want to listen to them and follow their instructions. A divorce mediator has seen it all and will know how to handle a variety of problems that might arise during mediation while remaining entirely neutral.

While an arbitration service is binding, mediation is typically non-binding and you may be forced to go to court if you are not able to resolve your conflict. However, a mediator can help you create an agreement that makes sense from the perspective of a professional and an outsider with fresh eyes.

For more information on divorce mediation, contact a divorce lawyer near you.