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4 Tips For Having A Divorce That's Uncontested

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Is it possible to get an uncontested divorce? This is when each spouse resolves their issues and documents them in an agreement, which means that the judge does not have to make any decisions when granting you a divorce. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some tips for getting an uncontested divorce. 

Fully DIsclose Your Finances

The first thing that you need to do is fully disclose all of your finances with your spouse. Now is the time to reveal all of your income streams, what kind of retirement accounts you have, any personal savings accounts that you have, and property that you may own. By putting these things out in the open now, you'll avoid surprises that can cause the divorce to become contested.

Create A Parenting Schedule That Works For Both Spouses

If you have children that are involved in the divorce, you'll want to create a visitation schedule that will work for both of you. This is going to show a judge that you have put much thought into the schedule and have found something that is going to work for the parents and the child. Many aspects regarding children must be approved by a judge and are usually under more scrutiny because the judge makes decisions based on what is best for the child, and you could see the judge modify custody because of this.

Create Fair Spousal And Child Support Agreements

Another aspect that a judge must sign off on is the amount that spouses pay for spousal and child support. Your state likely has a worksheet that you can fill out to determine the amount of child support that will be fair to pay, which is what a judge will use as well when signing off on support payments. Rather than come up with what you think is fair, use the worksheets to avoid the judge changing support payments later on.

Use A Lawyer For The Entire Process

It's so important that you use a divorce lawyer to help you throughout the entire divorce process to ensure that things are being done correctly. Not only can they help with solving issues that could turn the divorce into a contested one, but they'll review all of the documents before you sign them. A family law professional will also look out for your interests, even if you have decided to get an uncontested divorce because you feel like you can work things out on your own.