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Were You A Victim Of Negligent Security?

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If you were the victim of a personal injury caused by another person, you might also wonder if you are also the victim of negligent security. Negligent security could provide you with the grounds to pursue a personal injury case.

Do you still have questions about negligent security? Keep reading to learn more about these cases.

First, What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security occurs when the owner or manager of a property fails to provide adequate security and safety for those on the property. For instance, a parking lot owner might know that crime in the area is extreme, but they may still take money to encourage you to park there. You could have returned to your car, only to be attacked as you try to get inside. You may face serious physical injuries you would not have faced had security been on the premises.

How Can You Prove Negligent Security?

In order to prove negligent security, you need to demonstrate that the responsible party should have known about crime in the area or on the property. For example, the parking lot owner in the example above may have been aware of two similar attacks that occurred on the property in the last month.

You may also use police reports and calls for service as evidence of ongoing attacks in the area. If the business does have security, you must demonstrate that they were negligent in action and failed to patrol the area appropriately. Perhaps the security or camera system on the property did not work properly.

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is important that you hire a personal injury attorney to manage your claim, though you are not required to do so. Hiring a personal injury attorney is a great way to bolster your claims with evidence, ensuring that you have everything you need to prove that you are the victim of an injury caused by somebody else.

Personal injury attorneys are also helpful for determining the value of your case and helping you determine the best individual to pursue a claim against after you are hurt.

Negligent Security Is Serious

If you are serious about pursuing a legal case, you should consult with a personal injury attorney like Buckley  Law Office. Injury attorneys understand that negligent security is common, and they can help you find evidence that will bolster your case. Consult with a professional attorney to learn more about your options.