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How To Get Guardianship Rights Back For Your Child

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Did you experience some hardship in your life that led to you losing your parental rights to your child? If so, does a family member currently have guardianship of your child? If this is the situation you face, you can try to get your parental rights back to your child. You will have to go through the court system to achieve this, though, and here are several things to know about the process.

You Must Petition Your Local Court

Guardianship rights is a matter that the court must approve. You cannot just take your parental rights from the person who is now the guardian of your kids. It is a process that requires going to court. The best way to start the process is with a visit to a family law firm. A family lawyer knows the process and steps needed for achieving this goal, and the lawyer will also understand the challenges and requirements of this process.

The lawyer will suggest petitioning the court to initiate the process. The petition tells the court that you wish to regain your parental rights of the said child. The court will provide a hearing for you that you must attend. The guardian must also participate in the hearing, and your lawyer should be present, too.

You Must Prove You Deserve Your Parental Rights Back

The court will not give you back your rights to the child without the necessary proof that you deserve the rights back. Courts typically look at the best interests of the child when making this decision. The court will look at the reasons you lost your parental rights first and will look at the changes you made in your life. It is helpful for you to be prepared to prove why the court should approve your request.

The Current Guardian Can Agree to It or Fight You

One last thing to know is that the current guardian can agree to your request or fight you on it. If the guardian does not believe that you should regain your parental rights, he or she will explain the reasons to the court. The judge gets to decide, but it is helpful to prepare your case before you go to your hearing.

If you want your child back and are not sure how to handle this situation, contact a family law firm. Family lawyers often work with situations like these, and a lawyer can advise you about the situation and can help you determine how to proceed.