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4 Detrimental Mistakes To Avoid After Filing A Car Accident Claim With An Attorney

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Filing a car accident claim brings along a new, and oftentimes unfamiliar, situation for most people. There are detrimental mistakes you will have to avoid after you have initiated the process of starting a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident. 

Be careful about what you post on social media. 

Social media is an everyday part of the lives of most people, and many people do share a lot about what is going on in their everyday lives. After filing a car accident claim, however, you do have to be careful about what you post on social media. Even something simple could be used against you in your claim. For instance, if you post a video of you dancing at the club with your buddies when you have claimed you are suffering from neck injuries and numbness in your legs, the post could easily be used to disprove your claim. 

Be careful about who you disclose information to. 

Once you have filed your claim against the insurance company with the help of a car accident attorney, it is important that you are mindful of who you speak to about the case. If you accidentally disclose information to the wrong person, it could be used against you. For example, if you have an insurance adjuster come to examine the damage to your vehicle, and you make it sound like in any way that the accident was your fault during the conversation, this information could be fed back to the insurance company and be used to deny your claim. 

Be careful about missing any medical appointments. 

When you initially start working with an attorney after you file your claim, your attorney will advise you to continue seeking medical care, and they may recommend that you go to a specialist. It is imperative that you keep every appointment and avoid missing them or putting off appointments for any longer than necessary. By missing any appointments, it can make it look like you do not really need medical treatment or that your situation is not as severe as what you are claiming it is. 

Be careful about disregarding deadlines. 

If the attorney is helping you collect evidence for your claim or working to build a case, there will be certain deadlines involved in the situation. It is critical that you adhere to these deadlines. For instance, if the attorney asks you to gather all of the documents associated with your case by a certain date, those documents may not be submittable after that date. Speak with a car accident attorney like Anthony Smith Law, P.A. for more information.