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Serious Issues That You May Face As A Result Of An Anesthesia Mishap

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One of the many ways that you may encounter a medical malpractice scenario occurs when you're going through surgery. Regardless of the type of surgery that you're having, you'll need some degree of anesthesia. In most cases, the hospital's medical staff will ensure that you have the exact right amount of this drug so that you essentially fall asleep prior to the procedure and wake up soon after it. However, various issues can result in you not getting enough anesthesia, which can either make you wake up before the operation is done or be aware of the goings-on to some degree. If you've been through this traumatic experience, you'll want to hire an attorney to pursue a medical malpractice suit. Here are some issues to highlight in your suit.

Your Physical Pain

One of the biggest issues about this scenario is that you'll encounter a high degree of pain that you weren't intended to experience. The use of anesthesia is designed to prevent you from feeling pain, but a problem with the dosage of the drug can leave you in serious pain during and after the surgery. For example, you may wake up before the surgery is done and feel the surgeon cutting your body with a scalpel, which of course is immeasurably painful.

Emotional Trauma Afterward

There's little question that going through an experience such as this one will leave not only physical scars, but also emotional ones. For example, you might continuously experience nightmares in which you dream that you're feeling the pain from surgery and are unable to stop it or speak up in your defense. Or, you might simply be extremely resistant to go through any type of surgery again in the future because of a fear of such an occurrence happening to you again.

Discussing Them With Your Attorney

The two above issues represent physical suffering and emotional suffering, both of which will be instrumental in building your case against the hospital and perhaps even the physicians who were involved in your surgery. It will be difficult, but you'll need to talk in detail about your experiences in order to give your attorney a clear idea of what you've been through and what you're continuing to go through. The more descriptive you can be, the stronger your case can be. You can expect the attorney to ask you pointed questions about the surgery and your experience in order to provide relevant details for the case.

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