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4 Factors That Can Affect Bail-Bond Proceedings Revealed

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Have you ever wondered how bail-bond amounts are set? You may have noticed that people can be accused of the same crimes but have their bail bonds set at different amounts. The following are a few things that judges consider when setting bail. A bail-bonds company or criminal-defense lawyer is a good resource to use to delve further into bond procedures specific to your jurisdiction.


Judges take the histories of individuals into consideration when setting bail. They do not focus solely on criminal history. For example, a judge might review an accused person's community and family ties. They may also take into consideration an individual's employment history. If a judge discovers that a person is employed, this does not necessarily mean that the bond will be set higher. The bond may even be set to a lowered amount to allow the person a chance to bond out and return to work.

Seriousness of Charges

There are some charges egregious enough for judges to deny bail. Judges might also set the bond for serious charges to a high amount, and this can make it difficult for some individuals to post bond. Examples of charges that might result in bond being denied are murder, child molestation, or repeated crimes such as drug possession. Some people may choose a bail-bonds company for extremely high bonds, since they can pay these companies a percentage of the bond to get out of jail.

Flight Risk or Not

Judges are fully aware that some individuals may be a flight risk. This is because some people receive charges that could result in their getting incarcerated for many years if they are convicted. There are also individuals who may be more prone to flee if they are fearful of their safety. For example, if an individual was a purported drug trafficker and got caught with a significant quantity of drugs, it is possible that they might receive several years of imprisonment. They might also be at risk for a retaliation if the drugs they were transporting were allegedly part of an organized crime scheme. In some jurisdictions, people who are deemed as a flight risk might be released on bond if they agree to electronic monitoring, which will enable law enforcement or bail bondsmen to know their whereabouts at all times.

Current Criminal Status

People who are currently on parole or probation are required to be law abiding. If a judge is informed that a person is in either of these supervisory programs, they may not receive a bond. Some judges may reschedule hearings in an effort to get these individuals' parole or probation officers to make a recommendation. Some of these people may eventually get a bail, but they may have to serve jail time first.

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