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Three Key Questions To Ask After A Car Accident

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Reaching out to a personal injury lawyer with automobile accident experience isn't going to be the first thing on your mind after a car accident. But if the car accident resulted in expensive medical and auto repair bills, you may need that lawyer. The lawyer is going to need you to be able to answer three key questions involving who caused the accident, if any witnesses are available, and how much money you are looking to win.

C is for Can You Clearly Determined Who Caused the Accident?

Dealing with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit against someone for damages is significantly easier if there was clearly one person who is to blame for the accident. If the individual rear-ended you, for example, the accident is almost always their fault. The only exception would be if you happened to be driving backwards down the road.

A is for Are There Any Witnesses?

Even if it is obvious to you who was at fault for the accident, you may still have to prove it. The unfortunate truth is it is very easy for the other driver to disagree with the way you tell the story regarding what happened that caused the accident. The other driver could even try to say the accident was your fault. Your lawyer is going to want to know if anyone saw the accident. An unbiased third party should be able to give a more accurate and reliable recall of what happened leading up to the accident.

R is for Really, How Much is the Case Worth?  

Your lawyer is going to want to see the medical bills and the auto repair bills. If you missed work because of the automobile accident, your lawyer will need to know how much money you would have made if you would have worked. If the accident was not your fault, either the other person, the other person's insurance, or your insurance should pay the medical bills, auto repair bills, and any lost wages. The more money you claim the automobile accident cost you, the more difficult getting the money can be. This is where having a lawyer will really come in handy.

Who caused the accident, whether or not there were any witnesses, and how much money the accident cost you are the three key pieces of information any lawyer will need to know in order to defend your claim against the other driver and/or an insurance company. Without this information, it may be hard to get you any compensation you are entitled to. 

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