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Questions To Ask Yourself Before An Exhibition Of Speed Trial

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If you are being charged with an exhibition of speed, know that there are many possible ways to argue against this charge. Here are some questions to ask yourself when arguing against exhibition of speed. 

Did You Exceed the Speed Limit?

The first question to ask is whether you exceeded the speed limit in a major way. If you did, then you may have a criminal traffic violation charge regardless of whether it was an exhibition of speed or not. In that case, the best your lawyer can do is find ways to reduce the implications of your criminal sentencing. Look for an attorney with deep knowledge of criminal law. 

If you didn't go over the speed limit, however, then the court can only charge you if they successfully demonstrate an exhibition of speed.

Was the Exhibition Intentional?

One thing to look at is whether your driving issues was intentional. There are times when you could accidentally drive in an unsafe way due to factors out of your control. If you are driving a car that you are unfamiliar with, it may take some time to adjust to the speed and acceleration of the car. If you peeled out or accelerated quickly because of an unfamiliar vehicle, you may be able to label your offense as unintentional and have it dropped. 

Was It a Race?

If you were part of a race, it will be difficult to get out of the criminal charge. However, you may be able to reduce the penalties by having your lawyer show that the race didn't put other civilians in harm. The penalties for an exhibition of speed can vary; it's possible to receive hefty fines, a suspended license, probation and even jail time. By reducing the severity of your offense, you can avoid some of these more major penalties. 

Were You Showing Off?

It's also important to consider the defense if the police officer suspects you were showing off. The officer may go after this charge whether or not you were with other passengers you knew. In other words, it's possible to convict you for showing off to other bystanders or strangers. But your lawyer can help you to put together a defense against this type of charge. It will be important to develop a compelling personal reason for your unsafe driving behavior. By figuring out the answers to these important questions, you can pick out the arguments that will have the biggest impact on your criminal traffic violation.