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Don't Miss These 10 Signs That You May Need A Workers' Comp Lawyer

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You expect your employer's workers' compensation insurance to cover your injury claims, but sometimes claims are held up or denied. You are likely counting on this compensation to pay your medical expenses and to pay a portion of your salary while you recuperate, so when issues arise it can be difficult to deal with the fallout. Read on to learn the 10 warning signs that you may need some additional legal support to get your claim approved.

1. Your employer failed to file the claim for your injury or delayed filing it. When this happens, you may need to pay medical expenses out of your own pocket or use your own health insurance to pay those bills.

2. Your employer is disputing certain elements of your claim. For example, your supervisor may allege that your accident did not really happen while at work.

3. You have been left with severe and permanent injuries from your work-related accident, leaving you little chance of working at that, or perhaps any, job again.

4. You injuries caused an amputation, coma, head injury, major surgery or an extended convalescence period.

5. You have learned from your doctor that a full recovery may not be possible due to the severity of your injuries.

6. Your claim has been denied for any reason. These denials may have come from your employer's workers' comp insurance or your own state's workers' compensation board.

7. You have been asked to return to work before you have fully healed from your injuries or before your doctor has released you, or your job security is being threatened.

8. You are unable to cope with the details and complications of your claim because of your injuries. For example, a head injury could make it extremely difficult to comply with the paperwork and deadlines required for a successful claim approval.

9. Your injury is more difficult to prove. Head injuries and the complications that go along with them often cannot be seen by others and can, therefore, be more difficult to prove.

10. Your injury did not occur all at once. Repetitive motions such as typing or assembly line work can cause carpel tunnel syndrome, which becomes more apparent only after some time. Some types of toxic substance exposure takes years to become obvious.

Any one of the above warning signs should be a cause for concern and an indication that you need a workers' comp attorney. Don't simply accept denials and adverse rulings; you have rights to appeal and to be fairly compensated for your work-related injury. Contact an attorney today and get the support you need during this trying time.