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Marrying For The Second Time And Your Family Worries About Finances? Meet With A Lawyer Right Away

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Are you getting remarried but children you have from a previous marriage are concerned about finances and what will happen if you pass? If so, it's time for you to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney to make sure everything is in line. This way no one has to worry or stress.

If your new spouse is worried they are being left out or that you aren't thinking of them, there are ways that you can accommodate everyone that is involved. You'll want to consider discussing the following with your attorney.

Power of Attorney

If something happened and your life was on the line, who would you want making your medical decisions for you? It doesn't matter if it's your parents, a brother or sister, your children, or another friend or relative, you need to have it in writing. If it isn't in writing than your wife will be the person in charge. You should talk with the person you choose so they know that they will be in charge in case of this type of emergency.

Living Will

You want to have in writing where all of your property and money is going when you pass, so there isn't any confusion among family and your new spouse. If you have a special heirloom that you want a specific child to get, or there is property you want sold and divided, you can put all the details in your will. You also need to dictate an executor of the will, and this is the person that will see through all of the details in the will.

Life Insurance

Taking out a second life insurance policy on top of the one you have may be enough to satisfy your second spouse. You don't want to leave them behind with nothing if something happens. If you already have life insurance, have the beneficiaries on your policy changed, and have the changes documented and sent to your lawyer. Your lawyer will then put in your will how the life insurance will be divided.

If you there is some concerns, confusion or chaos about your new spouse and the what if's that can happen in the future, sit down with a family law attorney (like those at The Law Office Of James R. Kennedy Jr.) so you don't have any issues. You can plan out what type of services you will have if you pass, where you want to be buried or put to rest and more.