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Four Tips For Divorcing With Limited Finances

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Going through a divorce is not only stressful -- it can also be an expensive process if you aren't careful. If you have limited finances as it is, making sure that you can handle the attorney's fees is just another part of the divorce that you have to try to manage. Here are four tips when it comes to getting through a divorce on a budget.

1. Work Out Payments With Your Divorce Attorney

While going through a divorce can be an emotional time, it is a good idea to sort out practical logistics with your divorce attorney when you first meet. Find out their fees, what this entails, and payment options. This will help you understand what you can expect from your lawyer and the level of assistance that you will need for the process.

2. Check Your Emotions At The Door

You are most likely struggling both emotionally and with practical separation details when going through a divorce. Save your time and your lawyer's time by keeping your emotions out of it when meeting. If you use your attorney as a therapist, they might listen, but you'll probably be charged for this time.

3. Know When To Accept Your Attorney's Advice

If you are angry at your ex-spouse because of events that led up to your divorce or you are still in pain, your judgement might be clouded. If your ex-spouse makes a settlement offer outside of court, it is worthwhile to have your attorney review this and give you advice on whether this seems fair. While you might want to take your ex to court to punish them, this can end up costing you more and won't guarantee a better outcome.

4. Consider Mediation When Possible

Depending on what is at stake in a divorce, court may or may not be the best option. Sometimes differences on child custody arrangements cannot be hashed out in a settlement and might involve court proceedings. Other areas, such as splitting assets and alimony payments can be worked out through settlements and mediation. Mediation can still be done with lawyers and can save you and your ex-spouse time and money.

Sometimes there are parts of divorce that you cannot put a price on, such as your child's welfare. For most divorces, if you can agree on most of the small stuff with your ex-spouse, you can save your attorney fees for assistance with bigger decisions. Making sure that divorce settlements are fair can be done without breaking the bank. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at the Law Offices of Gordon Liebmann.