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Guilty Of DWI For The First Time: How A Lawyer Can Help

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Did a law enforcement officer arrest you after pulling you over for driving while intoxicated (DWI)? If you are guilty, hiring a lawyer to help you get the most minimal penalty is the best thing you can do. In this article, find out how a lawyer can help you avoid having to deal with a penalty that is hard to cope with.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Guilty Driver Charged with DWI?

A lawyer will be able to help you with your DWI conviction based on the type of offender you are. For instance, if you are a first time offender, he or she should be able to get you a lighter sentence than if you are a repeat offender. One of the ways a lawyer can help is if you are being forced to drive with an ignition interlock device as a first time offender. An ignition interlock device requires you to breathe into it so your blood alcohol concentration levels can be tested. Your vehicle will not start unless you pass the test.

Your lawyer can convince the court that you don't need the ignition lock device on your vehicle. To prove your case, he or she will provide services that include:

  • Obtaining your driving record
  • Proving that you are only an occasional drinker
  • Showing that you don't have a big criminal history

A lawyer can also convince the court to allow you an alternative type of sentence. He or she may request that you undergo treatment at an alcohol treatment center, participate in community service or a combined number of different things. Just keep in mind that you may have to spend more time in jail if you fail to complete an alternative sentence.

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for Help with a DWI Charge?

It is likely that a lawyer will charge you based on the level of your offense. If it is your first offense and you are guilty, you can expect to pay your lawyer to charge a flat rate that can be in the range of $500 to $2,500 plus. However, some lawyers charge an hourly rate that can be as high as $300 plus.

It is never a good idea to drive when you are under the influence of alcohol, but mistakes happen. You don't deserve the maximum penalty when you are a first time offender. Allow a DWI attorney to help you get a lighter sentence!