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Pulled Over For DWI? Possible Legal Options To Consider

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People often think there is now way out of a DWI charge, but each case is different and you want to talk with a DWI attorney right away. There could be a flaw or problem with your case that allows you to get out of the charges and you may be able to put everything behind you without it going on your driving record.

Your lawyer will have to look at your case right away, so you want to call as soon as you are able to find legal representation. Here are a few strategies your lawyer may use to get out of trouble.

Faulty Breathalyzer

 The small machine that was used to test your blood alcohol levels is called a breathalyzer. This machine isn't always accurate, and it needs to be tested regularly and calibrated. If the unit that was used on you has an expired calibration date, they can't use it in court. If your lawyer gets a court order to have the machine tested, and it isn't accurate, then they may be able to get the reading thrown out.

Field Sobriety Proof

Did you refuse to blow, or below around the legal limit, and you passed your field sobriety test? If so, your lawyer may show that you were being harassed, and that you cooperated and passed the field test and should have never had to blow. If the police officer has a video tape of the scenario, which many cop cars have front and rear cameras, and it shows that you completed all sobriety tests with ease, the lawyer may fight and say you didn't need further testing.

Plea Options

Your lawyer may look at your case and the facts and think that there is no way they can get the incident thrown out completely. If so, they may want to work out a plea deal with the prosecution or judge. This is where you agree to take a lesser charge like a reckless driving ticket. This puts something on your record, but it isn't as bad as a DWI.

You don't want your name to go in the paper, so everyone can see that you were charged with driving while intoxicated, and you don't want your insurance rates to get high. If you drive for work, you could lose your job with these charges. Talk with a lawyer like David A. Mansfield and find out what your options are fast.